The Ultimate Guide to Running NinjaTrader on Mac with Parallels


Ever wondered how to run NinjaTrader on your Mac? You’re not alone. While NinjaTrader is a Windows-based platform, Mac users don’t have to miss out. The solution? Parallels Desktop. And guess what? You can get an exclusive discount by clicking here.

Why Parallels?

Seamless Integration

Parallels Desktop allows you to run Windows applications like NinjaTrader seamlessly on your Mac without rebooting.

High Performance

Experience lightning-fast speed and performance while running NinjaTrader on Parallels.


Parallels offers a user-friendly interface that even tech novices can navigate with ease.

How to Install NinjaTrader on Mac Using Parallels

Step 1: Download Parallels Desktop

Click here to download Parallels Desktop and avail your exclusive discount.

Step 2: Install Windows

Once Parallels is installed, you’ll need to install a Windows OS within it.

Step 3: Install NinjaTrader

Download and install NinjaTrader within your Windows environment on Parallels.


Do I Need a Powerful Mac?

While Parallels is optimized for performance, having a Mac with higher specs will provide a smoother experience.

Can I Use Other Windows-Based Trading Software?

Absolutely! Parallels allows you to run any Windows-based application on your Mac.

How Do I Get the Parallels Discount?

Just click here, and your discount will be automatically applied.


Running NinjaTrader on Mac is no longer a pipe dream, thanks to Parallels Desktop. With its seamless integration and high performance, trading on NinjaTrader becomes a breeze. Don’t forget to click here to get your exclusive Parallels discount. Happy trading!

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