In the world of day trading, there are a plethora of platforms vying for your attention. Today, we take a close look at TickTick Trader and compare it with other big names in the industry like Apex Trader Funding and Uprofit Trader.

Exclusive Coupon Codes: An Overview

Company Coupon Code Discount
TickTick Trader CLEVERTRADING 5% extra on monthly offers
CLEVERDIRECT10 $5 off on 10K DIRECT account
CLEVERDIRECT25 $10 off on 25K DIRECT account
CLEVERDIRECT50 $20 off on 50K DIRECT account
Apex Trader Funding VLKVJGLP 30% – 90% discount
Uprofit Trader Click here 30% – 90% discount
Leeloo Trading WOAYEFBA 30% – 90% discount

Criteria for Comparison

User Interface

TickTick Trader scores with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Apex Trader Funding and Uprofit Trader also offer solid user interfaces, but TickTick Trader has the advantage of simplicity.

Cost Structure

TickTick Trader offers a range of discount codes that provide significant savings. Apex Trader Funding and Uprofit Trader have similar discount structures, but TickTick Trader’s codes are often more generous.

馃敟 Exclusive at TickTick Trader: Direct Accounts
TickTick Trader also offers Direct Accounts, allowing you to skip the evaluation phase and directly receive a funded account.

Trading Instruments

While TickTick Trader offers a wide range of trading instruments, Apex Trader Funding and Uprofit Trader have the edge in terms of specialized instruments.

Customer Service

All three platforms offer robust customer service, but TickTick Trader goes a step further with 24/7 support.

Additional Features

TickTick Trader offers some unique features like advanced charting tools and automated trading strategies.


TickTick Trader holds its own against its competitors and offers advantages in many areas. If you’re looking for a user-friendly platform with generous discount codes and the option of a Direct Account, TickTick Trader is your best choice.

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